Eat for Energy.

"Your body is always talking to you, You just have to stop and listen." 

     A Natural Kitchen Meals, Smoothies, Juices & Kefirs are all around the idea of supporting a healthy digestive system. We pull inspiration from lifestyles such as Paleo, Raw Food & Juicing.  The important factor of any eating lifestyle is the idea of Food Combining. When we pair our foods correctly and consume foods that have life & color, this give us an outcome of weight loss, energy, & happiness.

  Our prepared meals are always free of any refined ingredients and hormones and are both gluten free and dairy free. Each meal is portioned acorrdenly to help support you with portion control but still leave you satisfied.

  Our Juices are cold-pressed organic greens and low sugared fruits. Juicing helps promote easy digestion and gives your body instant energy.

  Our Smoothie Jars are also made from organic fruits, vegetables, good fats and non- dairy milk alternatives. 

  Our goal is to connect you with your body, make you feel amazing about yourself & feel good about what you're eating. 


About Melissa:

  Melissa is a health-nut mom, yoga teacher, juice fanatic , Whole30 certified coach and personal chef. I fell into the world of cooking and preparing foods about 6 years ago when I stumbled across Natalia Rose's, Detox For Women, book. I completely fell in love with her approach and views on how our body's process and digest foods. We should be consuming foods that are ALIVE, juicing daily, eliminating system clogging foods, food combining, and discovering a balance that best suits your body.  

For the past few years, Ive studied and worked alongside Raw Food Chef, Doris Choi, a leader of innovative cuisine from New York City. Learning how to capture both flavor and creativity, while bringing a holistic approach to food,  all of my dishes have a little "Doris Flare". 

  I want my clients to experience amazing flavor in each bite without feeling guilt or shame.  I design and balance meals that make you feel amazing about yourself and feel completely satisfied. Our bodies are amazing vessels: what we put into our bodies is a complete reflection on how we feel. Lets feel alive, energetic, and beautiful! 


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“Melissa has created some amazing, creative, and healthy dishes. She has inspired me to live a natural, healthy life through food, juicing, & yoga.”

-Ashley, Austin TX

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