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We carefully juice the best organic fruits, vegetables, and blend ingredients for premium goodness and phenomenal flavor. Starting a healthful habit of drinking your daily vitamins puts you one step closer toward living a vibrant, balanced life.

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The Roots

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Create your own smoothie! Pick from the following ingredients.  All Smoothie Jars ingredients are prepared in mason jars for you to easily pour into your blender. Blend. Pour your smoothie back into your mason jar, drink immediately or save for later.  

Mixer: Choose 1
Greens: Choose 1
Fruits: Choose 2
Fats: Choose 1
Spice: Choose 2

Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Lemon, and Ginger

Beets, Carrots, Cucumber, Spinach, Orange, and Turmeric

Kale, Spinach, Cucumber, Green Bell Pepper, Green Apple, Parsley, Cilantro, Lime

Optional:  Jalopeano

- Unsweetend Coconut Milk  - Almond Milk  - Unsweetend Vanilla Hemp Milk

 - Coconut Water

- Kale  - Spinach  - Swiss Chard  - Collard Greens

- Banana  - Blueberry  -Strawberry - Melon  - Green Apple  - Pineapple

- Lemon  - Lime

- Avocado  - Coconut Oil - Flaxseed  - Chia Seeds  - Hemp Seed  - Almond Butter 

- Cashew Butter  - Sunflower Seed Butter - Brazil Nuts

- Vanilla  - Cinnamon  - Liquid Stevia - Raw Ginger   - Raw Tumeric  

- Cayenne Pepper  - Raw Cocoa - Cilantro -Parsley - Basil  - Mint 

Is a home-brew RAW Organic Probiotic and Digestive Drink. This helps aid in digestion, bloating, and breaking down of heavy meals. Suggest to drink one to two a day after Lunch or Dinner.


Green Apple



Black Cherry

All Natural

* Add Ice to each smoothie & Blend.

*per juice

*per smoothie

*per kefir



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“Melissa has created some amazing, creative, and healthy dishes. She has inspired me to live a natural, healthy life through food, juicing, & yoga.”

-Ashley, Austin TX

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