Nourishing Mind & Body 

1 on 1 Coaching

  Creating a lifestyle that best fits YOUR body and your life's rhythm. Everyone's bodies are so different we will figure out what is the best lifestyle eating for you based on your body's digestive rhythm. Layering in the Mind and Body connection through energy health coaching. 


   As your M&B Health coach, its important to me that my clients feel and have success with not only weight loss but also in hormone balancing, boasting energy, and giving you a nutritional reset. I center all my lifestyle plans around eating REAL food and Intuitive eating (listening and connecting with your body). 


  A lot times people do not realize our diets are more than just food that we put into our bodies, it's our emotional and mentally connection and reaction to food and those around us. I am here every step of the way, offering multiple different plans that best supports you and your life style pace. including:


  • 30 Day Mind Body Challenge - reseting your system. 


  • Liquid Cleanse - if you are feeling a little slugglish, tired and bloated.


  • 60 Day Detox - first 30 days reseting your body's system, last 30 days finding your digestive rythym maximizing weight loss and boostering energy. Cleansing your systems of toxins that keep your body in the sluggish stagnent state.




Nourishing Mind & Body Plans

Client Praise

 Sharing with you my 30 Day Nourishing Mind Body and Soul Challenge truly takes clients into a new understanding and knowlege around there connection with their bodies and also their connection with their food. Ill be Guiding & Coaching you through the first shift in your diet for 30 Days --Offering Energy Health Coaching -- Support & Accountability--- Recipes -- 1- on -1 Consulting -- Paleo/Vegan/Raw Meal Planning options.

   "I LOVE telling my friends about A Natural Kitchen! Melissa has a genuine love for helping people and it shows. Her guidance and support make healthy eating easier and understandable. Having her is like having a handbook for not only nutrition but all aspects of healthy living.
  She is a beautiful person (inside and out) who has so much wisdom and knowledge that she shares so openly. Her experiences draw from all areas of a beautiful life including yoga, nutrition, reiki and other tools that help create balance.
   She offers openness, honesty and some amazing encouraging energy that everyone can benefit from in all stages of life. Her straightforward but gentle approach certainly has helped me to continue in my journey to be my best self! I will always be grateful to have her in my life."

- Christina. L

Austin, TX

 "Melissa is so supportive and knowledgeable! I have had multiple meal plans and workout plans made by her. She always is super supportive and has the right answer! Currently I am doing a 30 day meal plan from Melissa and she checks up on me daily! I love how kind she is during this whole process! Take advantage of these open spots! She will seriously change the way you view food and make a physically and mentally stronger person!"

Emily. C

Salt Lake City, UT



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“Melissa has created some amazing, creative, and healthy dishes. She has inspired me to live a natural, healthy life through food, juicing, & yoga.”

-Ashley, Austin TX

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